Business Performance

A calculated approach to business growth

Drive growth and increase profitability using a proven framework with hands-on guidance and cutting-edge systems. Work with seasoned consultants to identify what marketing, education, acquisition and operations strategies—among many others—can propel your business. Identify goals and create plans that help you flourish in a way that works for you and your clients.


Pentameter® is an award-winning practice management platform organized around the central tenet that independent advisors need to think and act like CEOs in order to make objective, strategic decisions about their business. It will help you gauge your acumen in each measure of practice management, build a business plan to reach your goals, and implement tools and strategies to make your business as effective and profitable as possible.


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Business Optimization

In-house consultants assist you in growing your business and obtaining higher levels of profitability. Our consultants are experienced and enthusiastic individuals who provide you with specialized strategies, expert advice and active support through each phase of your business growth process.


Enhance the Value of Your Business

Implementing an optimal business model requires a well-defined plan. Count on our team to understand the big picture and help you navigate your firm's future. Learn what steps are critical when establishing your plan, how to enhance the value of your firm, how to extract that value and ultimately leave your legacy.


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