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Pentameter® helps you assess the progress of your practice, build a business plan to reach your goals, and implement tools and strategies to make your business more profitable. Pentameter brings together everything we have learned about helping you grow your business—the 5 Measures of Business Success.

Business Development

Business development begins with defining who you are and finding effective strategies to communicate it to your specific client demographic. It’s everything from branding to expanding client communications to using multiple outlets to market to prospects. Create a business development strategy that starts with branding and ends with new ways to grow.

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Operational Efficiency

You must have repeatable systems and processes in place for your business to be as efficient as possible. Work with specialists to determine the level of efficiency that exists in your processes in the areas of business infrastructure, technology, business efficiency and client experience. Create new processes and improve existing ones in order to best serve the lifeblood of your business: your clients.

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Human Capital

Nurturing quality employees who effectively support your business and vision can significantly impact your growth and overall success. Establish processes for hiring and reviewing employees’ performance. Set an employment structure to help your employees succeed and your business profit with quality individuals.

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Business Management

Think strategically about your business to ensure maximum profitability and to facilitate your ability to best serve clients. Review how you structure your business, how you price your services, manage your time, keep books, track expenses and revenue, and manage other aspects of daily business. Work with us to determine if you are doing the most with what you have.

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Succession Planning & Acquisition

Create a continuity plan that safeguards your clients’ plans and investments in case of an unexpected emergency. Build a succession plan so you can choose when to leave the business and capture the value of your life’s work. Determine if acquiring a practice makes sense for you. Create equity that can serve to support you and your family throughout your lifetime. That equity—and your clients’ best interests—must both be protected through a continuity plan and preserved through a succession plan and exit strategy.

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DOL Readiness

DOL DynamIQs™ provides a practice management approach to adapting to the Department of Labor’s (DOL) fiduciary rule that drastically alters laws regarding retirement accounts. This rule will have an impact on your business, regardless of whether you are a registered representative or investment advisor. Implement changes to your practice to position yourself for future success.


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