Business Optimization

Structured framework, customized counsel

Rely on First Allied business consultants to work closely with you to deliver guidance through each phase of your business growth process, from establishing to achieving your objectives. Evaluate your practice to determine the specialized strategies that can be tailored to best meet your needs. Track your progress through Pentameter® and hold yourself accountable to succeed.

Goals & Business Planning

Establishing goals begins with understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Our consultants provide an unbiased perspective to help you identify specific opportunities to improve your efficiency and profitability, develop attainable objectives, create an action plan, implement the plan and track your progress.

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Practice Optimization

Are you operating at peak efficiency? We help you understand the interrelated components of your practice and build repeatable, scalable processes. Create a solid operational structure to enhance productivity and profitability, and spend more time on what really matters: serving your clients.

Employee Management

Obtaining and retaining quality employees who effectively support your vision requires specific, pre-determined processes. Learn how to craft employment documents and job descriptions, and decide how you want to interview, compensate, hire and review employees. Establish a structure to help your employees succeed in serving your clients and driving your growth.

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Pentameter® allows you to efficiently discuss, plan and track your business strategy. With the guidance of a dedicated consultant, you can leverage data, industry targets and technology to make difficult business decisions easier.